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Thank you!!!

We would like to thank the buyers of the Comics of Toad at Gala!!! Thank you! 

Spanish toad 2

When Toad gets hit in the tenders he says “oh oh oh oh my espanadas”!!!!!!

Toad at Galla 2011!!!

For Galla at San Jose Episcopal Day School Toad is at Galla!!!! We will be doing this April 30,2011!!! At the Mosh in down town Jacksonville Florida!!!

Jabba the Toad

This is Jabba the Toad!!!!!!!!!! Toad’s best/worst friend. And a movie and Toad superstar. See Jabba and his friends at starwarsfanclub2.wordpress.com it is a site we made because Star Wars is 1 of Toad’s favorite movies.


Spanish Toad!

This is how you say yay Toad kaboom! In Spanish, Viva Sapo boom!

Toad sweep stakes are over:( but congratulations to our winners! the next toad sweep stakes will be this Summer!

Toad’s sponsor is geckoboy10.wordpress.com .  visit his site!

Toad goes KABOOM! because in his early years when he was 10 he ate a garnade! KABOOM!

Toad has comic books that you will love! We will be posting some comics on the website! (not the ones from the book) Enjoy!

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